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Ascoltare il “World’s First Twitter Album”


Anyone with half a brain can put a song onto Twitter by pasting in the URL for a song. For some, that isn’t enough — they figured out how to paste entire songs into the 140-character Twitter window. A free, open source program called SuperCollider (simplified instructions below) turns the short strings of code into music.

It all started when Dan Stowell, a Ph.D. candidate at London’s Queen Mary’s Centre for Digital Music, tweeted “instructions on how to make a sound like waves crashing on the shore” according to a statement. Other students responded in kind, ultimately contributing 22 tweetable songs for a crowdsourced album called sc140, released in conjunction with The Wire magazine.

Plenty of other software exists that can turn code into sounds, but Music Ally newsletter (subscription required) calls this the “first ever Twitter album” and it’s right about that so far as we can tell…….

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