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Gli utenti social media sono più connessi

E’ quell che dicono su Kikabink, secondo uno studio della Euro RSCG Worldwide.

David Jones, CEO di Euro RSCG Worldwide dice:
““Word of mouth has always been the most powerful marketing tool; what social media has done is dramatically increase the scale, velocity and immediacy with which people can influence each other and create the biggest revolution to hit our industry since television. One of the interesting findings of the study is that it’s the combination of online and offline experiences that creates the biggest impact.”

Ed ecco invece le 5 chiavi:

1. “Social media are now a vital consideration in any communications strategy in any country where digital media are accessible to citizens and consumers.
2. It’s impossible to predict how bits of communication will spread across social media. As most traditional media converge online, communication flows among them, and consumers become messengers. 3. The Web is worldwide, but its emerging power is hyperlocal. This is the space where what’s virtual (online) meets what’s tangible (offline), with each reinforcing the other.
3. Social media enable consumers to be more socially collaborative and to share easily across media types. But users now expect quick responses and clear payoffs. The underlying question is always: What’s in it for me?
4. The more interactions happen online, with no direct offline contact, the more likely people are to tilt toward extreme behavior. It’s important to blend both online and offline elements.”

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