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MySpace Music non compete con Spotify

Lo dicono su Paidcontent. Sembra inoltre che MySpace sia ancora il S.N. numero 1 per quanto riguarda la musica

“Music matters to MySpace more than ever before. Why? Because it is has lost the race with Facebook for social-networking supremacy, in fact Facebook is about to lap MySpace. But MySpace remains the undisputed leader as the global social music destination (a position consolidated by the recent acquisitions of iLike and imeem)”

e ancora

“Bebo and Facebook have both tried to challenge MySpace’s position here but have not had meaningful success (a recent report indicated that 77% of Facebook fan pages have less than 1,000 fans).”

Ma soprattutto i motivi per cui MySpace non dovrebbe essere un concorrente di Spotify:

” * Strategically: MySpace is building its music experience firmly around social and community. It knows that is its differentiation point and the essence of the artist-fan relationship which MySpace delivers. So the music experience is wedded to that. Spotify is a straightforward music experience. No community (at least within the application itself) and no artist-fan dialogue. So the music content is deeply integrated into the social experience (hence the focus on playlists for example).
* Execution: But it is also not a direct challenger to Spotify because it isn’t executed well. That deep integration brings great challenges also. If you are looking for a Spotify-like experience on MySpace, you won’t find it. But the odds are you won’t easily find the music you want either. For example, MySpace poster girl Lily Allen is one of the featured artists on the home page (despite her just announced career break), but finding her music isn’t easy. As you can see from the screenshot at the bottom of this post, you have to go all the way to the bottom of the page to find a genuine song. And the top result, which is out of shot here, is for the ‘This is not the real Lily Allen’ profile page. Those results below are all songs by unknown and small time artists. Yes that is part of the essence of MySpace’s music community, but they shouldn’t be pushing the genuine Lily Allen track to the bottom. Also note all those ads by competitor music services!

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