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Apple+Lala: grande futuro?

E’ la notizia numero uno di questi giorni: l’acquisto di Lala da parte di Apple.

Ecco cosa ne pensano quelli di GCN

A couple of quick thoughts:

1) I never paid much attention to Lala, mainly because it is not available in Canada but I did manage to take a good look at the service this weekend and will say I’m quite impressed by what they offer.

* Very clean, easy to use and intuitive interface. They certainly taken some of Apple’s design cues.
* They also use a follower/following model that allows you to find and follow people whose music tastes you like. In essence, building your own trusted music circles and building music feeds that you can control by follows, forecast, podcasts, ratings, reviews etc.
* You can build playlists and become a tastemaker (what they call a top influencer) as you attract more people who discover new music through you.
* All your music in the cloud. Upload music from your local music library into Lala and listen to your music from anywhere and then have the ability to add to your library by buying new music either as web songs or downloads. This blurs the world of access and ownership.
* They offer a Pandora like experience where you pick an artist and a playlist of similar artists is created for you.

2) If as expected Apple does offer a streaming subscription service, they will be able to exert alot of influence and direction on how it gets done. Where does that leave Spotify in 2010? They may be forced by Apple’s move to go straight to a pay model. The reality is consumers see streaming as another way to consume music. Ten years on, and we are getting closer to realizing the celestial jukebox. I hope so…

3) This one is obvious, but with the iPod Touch/iPhone, once launched, Apple becomes the leader in mobile streaming. It’ll start with music but in the future, it will be mobile video. Everyone I talk to says that any streaming service must have allow for mobile streaming, otherwise it’s a deal breaker. Will Apple adpot some of Lala’s feature that lets you to upload and stream music you already own? This could give iPod/iPhones a nice sales boost. I hope this feature survives because if you already use iTunes/iPod/iPhone, this flows right into your music listening habits. No other service, downloads or setups required.

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