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La tua nuova casa discografica? Apple!

Almeno è quello che afferma il guru Mika Schiller su MADE

Ecco alcuni passaggi:

“I think that most music artists understand that their chances of getting a record deal are next to nil. They also understand what the Internet has to do with that”

“There are no clear cut paths to success in the digital music age because it’s so new. There seem to be so few examples to emulate”

“not only does Apple realize that the future of music is in the cloud computing-based world, but that if it owns the people who are at the cutting of all of this new web-based technology, it can dominate music universally. That’s what the Lala acquisition was all about.”

“Apple is already probably the most powerful music company in the world. And it’ll become more powerful. That means that the music world is going to move towards a world based on micropayments and music byproducts”

“The biggest difference between an Apple record label and old style record labels is that, to almost everybody, Apple will exist as little more than a cloud; with no edges, no people to groom careers, nobody to market for you and no instruction manuals. Nobody is going to tell you what to do, how to do it and when to do it.”

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