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Gerd Leonhard: New Year’s Message to the Music Industry – 9 punti fondamentali

Torno a parlarvi di Gerd Leonhard (aggiungetelo su Twitter, ogni giorno propone tanto ma tanto materiale) che ha schematizzato in 9 punti un messaggio per il nuovo anno dell’industria musicale:

1) Stop pushing for more and more and…more legal or technical protection measures and lighten up on the constant quest for control: think (and act) compensation not control!

2) Access to music is going to replace ownership, very soon, so start thinking ‘Selling 2.0’ – if copies are abundant and can no longer be monetized in the same way as before, what else can you sell? This is crucial. You need to groom and build the New Generatives not push harder to pass laws to try and get the old times to magically return.
3) Friction truly is Fiction i.e. utterly wishful thinking, now, so you have a choice: get out of the way… or lend a hand (you have heard that song before). Reinvent your relationship with the artists and the ‘people formerly known as consumers’. Stop hiding behind technological tricks and artificial hurdles: protection is in the business model not in the technology (need more? Check out my new book “Friction is Fiction”).
4) Stop hanging on to that good old, comfortable EGOsystem paradigm – start building the new ECOsystem. The future is not in Google paying for all music online, or the ISPs paying for all music on their networks – it’s in constantly moving, interconnected, fluid and tri-brid (that is hybrid+1) systems of ‘I pay, you Pay, 3rd party pays’.
5) Collaborate – engage don’t enrage, have real conversations not monologues, drop the big sticks and start growing more carrots. The time for Music 2.0 is now.
6) Offer a public digital music license that legalizes – and monetizes – all use of music online.
7) Music consumption via computers is getting less and less important – it’s all moving to Mobile Devices (read my mobile Music 2.0 book and see the video below;)
8) The new money is in connecting the cloud (where the music is) with the crowd (where the money is) – access comes first now, ownership is second. And this is good news!
9) Question your assumptions: what do you still believe that is no longer really true…? (see the video below).

—- I video li potete vedere nell’articolo originale —-

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