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BBC intervista Daniel Ek di Spotify

Lunga intervista sul sito della BBC a Daniel Ek di Spotify.

Ecco qualche estratto:

What ratio do you need between premium subscribers and free users to be profitable?
For us, it’s not really about being a profitable business. For us, we want it to work for artists and labels out there, and composers.
Now it’s only about growing and growing and growing so that we can change the way the industry is going now, which is down, to an upward trend.

Why do UK users now need an invitation – are you victims of your own success and do you have to keep a hold on user numbers?
The most important reason is that we want to have a great consumer experience. We’ve had a phenomenal growth but at the same time streaming music over the internet at such vast numbers is not an easy task from an engineering standpoint.

Do you see the invite-only situation being temporary or could it be permanent?

I don’t think it will be a permanent solution

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