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Marketing: Il “Social” è la priorità del 2010

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Il futuro dei modelli di business del mondo musicale

Da Techdirt, articolo molto lungo,

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of concern these days about what the music industry will look like going forward — especially from those who work on the label side of the business and have been around for a bit. A variety of things have caused rapid change in the market. Competition from other forms of entertainment, such as the internet, movies and video games, have put more pressure on the industry, as consumers have been presented with significantly more options for their entertainment attention and dollars. And, of course, there’s the ever-present specter of unauthorized file sharing — or, as the industry prefers to call it (accurately or not), “piracy.”

While the industry spent many years fighting the rise of the internet as a distribution and promotion method for music, it was eventually forced to recognize it. The labels eventually licensed music to Apple and iTunes (as well as some other stores). It took them way too long to recognize that people wanted DRM-free music, but they’ve finally come around to recognize that as well.

But the big new questions are all about licensing. New services are starting to show up on the scene, such as the industry’s new darling, Spotify. Then there are attempts, such as those by Choruss and Warner Music, to set up something that is somewhat akin to a blanket license. For the most part, the industry hasn’t shown much willingness to do these sorts of deals in manners that allow the underlying companies to survive, let alone profit. Numerous innovative startups have suffocated under burdensome licensing terms — and as each one fails, it just gives consumers fewer and fewer reasons to actually use these services, wondering how long each will last until it goes out of business.

However, there is another solution: stop worrying and learn to embrace the business models that are already helping musicians make plenty of money and use file sharing to their advantage, even in the absence of licensing or copyright enforcement.

In simplest terms, the model can be defined as:

Connect with Fans (CwF) + Reason to Buy (RtB) = The Business Model

Sound simple? It is, if you understand the basics — and it can be incredibly lucrative. The problem, of course, is that very few seem to fully understand how this model works. However, let’s go through some examples.

Trent Reznor, the man behind the band Nine Inch Nails, has done so many experiments that show how this model works that it’s difficult to describe them all. He’s become a true leader in showing how this model works in a way that has earned him millions while making fans happy, rather than turning them into the enemy.


iTunes: 12 giorni di regali

Dal 26 Dicembre fino al 6 Gennaio su iTunes, si potrà scaricare un contenuto completamente gratuitamente. E’ possibile anche diventare Fan su Facebook per ricevere avvisi quotidianamente

dal sito ufficiale della promozione

“Ogni giorno, dal 26 dicembre al 6 gennaio, tu e tutti i tuoi amici potrete eseguire il download gratuito di unapp, un brano o un videoclip eseguiti dalle più grandi star presenti su iTunes. La possibilità di scaricare gratuitamente il contenuto del giorno, sarà disponibile solo per 24 ore.

Per accedere ai download gratuiti, sarà necessario installare iTunes e creare un account nelliTunes Store.”

oggi tocca a “Wheels” dei Foo Fighters

9 segreti per una strategia di video social media marketing

Da jeffbullas blog

1. Work Hard
2. Listen
3.Be Patient and Persist
4.Use Tools To Use To Find Online Communities In Your Niche

– (advanced search)
– Google blog search
5. Blogger Outreach
* Identify the right people to reach out to
* Understand why would someone would be interested in your content/product /service and then be inspired to share it with others in their community
* Plan to follow up and maintain a relationship.
* Make sure that you have developed and implemented your blogger outreach policy
* Discover what they are interested in so that you ensure that when you connect it’s relevant to their interests and audience
* Ideally connect with bloggers before pitching them – just as you would get to know journalists and reporters in the traditional media
* Offer something of value to the blogger – writing a blog takes time and if you want to encourage someone to write about your business, product or service, ideally give the blogger something that would be unique to them.
6. Uniqueness
7. Connects Through Social Media
8. OnLine Video
9. Passion

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Come mettere la propria musica sul videogioco Rock Band

Da Eleetmusic consigli su come immettere la propria musica (se avete un gruppo) all’interno del videogioco Rock Band

Step One: Getting Started
* Gold Membership to Xbox Live, “Gamer Tag” ($7.99 per month)
* Creators Club Premium Membership (Cost Unknown)
* Rock Band Creators Club
Step Two: Authoring Your Track
* REAPER Digital Audio Workstation for PC/Mac ($60 non commercial license for artists making under $20K, free 30 day fully functional trial)
* REAPER Rock Band Plugins for PC/Mac (Free as far as I can see)
Step Three: Uploading Your Track
Step Four: Review
Step Five: Publish and Promote

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Pubblicità gratuita su Google Maps (esempio musica)

L’immagine dice tutto

(news trovata su

Sonohra: videoclip e fans

In questo blog cerco di evitare pareri strettamente musicali, quindi non mi esprimo riguardo al lato musicale dei Sonohra ma parlo esclusivamente di un’iniziativa promozionale per il loro nuovo album in uscita l’anno prossimo.

Per anticipare l’album sarà realizzato un videoclip per il brano SEGUIMI O UCCIDIMI. Il video sarà girato il 9 dicembre a Verona e i protagonisti saranno i fan.

Per partecipare bisogna mandare un email a con oggetto VIDEOCLIP)

Il resto delle info le trovate sul forum ufficiale

in particolare è interessante questo:

“inserire uno screenshot della vostra pagina personale su facebook dove avrete inserito la foto di seguito, come foto PRINCIPALE (quella in alto a sinistra per intenderci) e dove avrete pubblicato in bacheca IL LINK A QUESTO TOPIC ([in corso] PARTECIPA AL NUOVO VIDEOCLIP DEI SONOHRA!!)”