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Midem 2010: i migliori start-ups di musica digitale

Da Billboard

Awdio: A service that streams music played at clubs live. It’s working on an archive system and an iPhone app as well. Both ad-supported and premium subscription.

BandMetrics: Tracks artists’ online buzz, listener traffic and fan demographics. In public beta now.

GoMix: A music remixing service that has more than 100,000 active users today. Focuses on partnering with brands and artists to make the remix part of an advertising campaign, such as that between Burger King and Flo Rida.

Songkick: Scans users iTunes and issues alerts when artists in the users’ library are touring nearby. Sold $3 million in tickets last year. Also lets fans upload photos, setlists, reviews, etc. after each show.

TuneWiki: Addresses the lack of lyrics being included in digital downloads with an app that displays lyrics in real time for music played on the iPhone. All licensed and legal. Five million downloads to date on all smartphone platforms.


Midem 2010: Applicazioni mobile musicali

Midem: Music Consumption Around the World

Presentato questo studio/ricerca/PDF di 42 pagine -> LEGGI/SCARICA

Basato su interviste in vari mercati di tutto il mondo, fra le cose interessanti cito:

“Did in past month”
– Stream music directly from a service such as MySpace, Spotify 21% (UK 24% e USA 18%)
– Paid to download a music track to my computer 14% (UK 26%, USA 19%)
– Paid to download a whole digital album to my computer7% (UK 15%, USA 12%)
– Paid a monthly fee to listen to music on my mobile phone or on my computer 8%
– Paid a monthly fee for music subscription services such as Napster7%

19% Used a file-­‐sharing programme to share music with others

– Downloaded a song from the internet without paying for it:
China 68%
South Korea 60%
Spain 46%

8% Paid for mobile music apps
12% Paid to download a full length mobile music track

TV 57%

Gerd Leonhard sull’industria discografica – parte 1

Dal Midem blog

It looks like the music industry is quickly heading towards a total reset. 10 years have gone by since Napster 1.0, and what do we have to show for it ? The only real success in digital music is Apple’s iTunes – and they sell hardware!

This may be part of the problem: there are so very few real leaders in this industry.

People that are truly reinventing what they do and how they do it. Alas, instead of inspiring leaders this industry has numerous functionaries, lobbyists and corporate chiefs that block every change that comes along.

Lobbying the government to disconnect non-conforming music fans while utterly failing to license widely and openly will seriously backfire. These new sticks are becoming so huge that no-one will see the few carrots anymore.


Artisti…il mondo vi appartiene (grazie ad internet)

Articolo comparso su MIDEM in cui si fa il punto della situazione dimostrando che se un artista vuole emergere ha mille strumenti per farlo.


Distribuzione Digitale negli aggregatori:

* Ioda
* Iris
* The Orchard
* InGrooves
* BFM Digital

Artisti indie possono distribuire digitalmente e direttamente pagando un fee con:

* ReverbNation
* Tunecore
* CD Baby

Gli artisti possono rimanere in contatto con i fan su:

* Facebook
* MySpace
* Twitter

Se si vuole garantire il successo e la disponibilità…:

* iTunes
* Amazon
* Zune
* Rhapsody
* Pandora
* Slacker
* Spotify
* Yahoo, AOL and iHeart Radio

– Servizi e strumenti di marketing:

* Topspin
* ReverbNation
* CyberPR
* Chain Reaction Media
* The VirtualCD
* GigMaven
* Rocket Science
* Hello Music
* All Music Guide
* Shazam
* LyricFind
* Gracenote