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NextBigSound: il “band social analytics” si espande

Ve ne avevo già parlato tempo fa di Next Big Sound. In poche parole “NextBigSound è in grado di analizzare ogni volta che un utente menziona un’artista nei social network più famosi (, MySpace, Facebook, iLike,, Twitter). Da tutti questi dati poi è in grado di realizzare dei grafici comparativi. Utilissimo per tracciare i trend di popolarità dei vari artisti.”

Notizia di oggi è che NextBigSound è arrivato a tracciare i dati di 15 siti/social networks. Per la precisione, questi:

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Musica digitale & Marketing – previsioni per il 2010

Da Mediashift

* 2010 will be the year of analytics. Digital marketing and sales departments have been cobbling together metrics for years. Many things are trackable, but it’s often impossible to access the data or find the means to implement structured analysis. Platforms such as Next Big Sound, RockDex and BandMetrics are looking to fill this need. As APIs and data sources continue to open up, these services will get better and better.

* The conversation about an ISP tax for unlimited downloads will continue. The big players working to combat piracy will continue to focus on this.

* Spotify is still gearing up for a U.S. launch, but in light of imeem’s troubles, the ad-supported streaming model is under further scrutiny. There are fundamental differences in their ad structures, but ad-supported is ad-supported.

* I am curious to see where advertising goes on Twitter. The Huffington Post has one idea, trying to sell ads into feeds.