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L.A. Times: 5 suggerimenti per il Social Media

Dal Los Angeles Times

1. Be real
2. Pick a couple of services you like and focus on them
3. Have something unique
4. Share things that you are most excited about
5. Embrace anarchy


TweetTabs: il buzz su twitter suddiviso in “tabs”

gennaio 27, 2010 1 commento

Sito molto utile per poter osservare (in real time) cosa si dice su twitter su un determinato argomento (c’è l’apposito spazio per la ricerca). Invece di aprire quattro o cinque twitter diversi sul bwowser e passare dall’uno all’altro, TweetTabs raduna tutto in una sola pagina.

da provare

Marketing: Il “Social” è la priorità del 2010

I Grammy influenzati dai Social Media

Da Mashable
“Social media introduces an entire paradigm shift into how the Academy can both connect with music lovers and with how its message is consumed and presented. That said, the Academy is aware that the paradigm shift is happening, not just to the industry, but to our culture as a whole. In order to stay relevant and connected, the Academy would have to embrace this new way of communicating. I spoke with Evan Greene, the Chief Marketing Officer of the Recording Academy about how the Grammys are embracing social media this year and how and why that decision was made.”

“After making the decision to fully engage, was completely rebuilt and official presences were made on Twitter (@theGrammys), Facebook (Facebook) and YouTube (YouTube). Interaction and fan-generated content from these platforms and others all contributed to what has become the centerpiece for the Grammys 2010 campaign: We’re All Fans.”

We’re All Fans

Fans are the core of popular music. And unlike industry executives (and sometimes even the artists themselves), fans are often the first to embrace new technologies and social networks to share and remix content by their favorites artists. So with that in mind, TBWA\Chiat\Day, the agency of record for the Grammy awards, created a multi-format multimedia campaign related to Grammy-nominated artists, curated entirely from fan-generated content.

If you visit, you’ll see portraits of some of the nominated artists composed entirely of real-time content from Twitter (Twitter), Flickr (Flickr), Facebook and YouTube. The content is refreshed and fed in and users can click on aspects of the content to view or play it back all on the page. It’s a pretty cool way to show stuff off.

C’è anche un video su Youtube

Al momento c’è comunque da segnalare una certa lentezza nei caricamenti.

25 Infographics sui Social Media

mega post sui social media (specialmente su Twitter) su Webdoctus

sono 25 grafici veramente ben fatti e pieni di informazioni, si va dal “The World Map of Social Networks” a “The Web After Twitter”…da spenderci ore.

5 strumenti di Social Media per i Musicisti

Bell’articolo su Mashable (dove sono presenti immagini e tutti i dettagli del caso)

1. Improve your Facebook Page with ReverbNation’s MyBand
2. Share Songs on Twitter with Twiturm
3. Reward Increased Engagement with FanBridge
4. Build and Share a Digital Album Package with BandCamp
5. Measure It All with Band Metrics

Top 100 del 2009: Social Media Brands

Da Mashable (via Vitrue’s Social Media Index) ecco la top 100 dei brand più attivi in social media e capaci di generare più “buzz”. Cerco di mettere in grassetto quelli fortemente correlati in qualche modo al mondo musicale, potrebbe sfuggirmene qualcuno.

1. iPhone
2. Disney
3. CNN
4. MTV
5. NBA
6. iTunes
7. Wii
8. Apple
9. Xbox
10. Nike
11. Starbucks
12. NFL
13. PlayStation
14. Adidas
15. BlackBerry
16. Sony
17. Mercedes
18. Microsoft
19. Samsung
20. BMW
21. Nintendo
22. Best Buy
23. ESPN
24. Ford
25. Honda
26. Ferrari
27. Gucci
28. Nokia
29. Major League Baseball
30. Dell
31. Coca-Cola
32. CBS
33. ABC
34. iPod
35. Mac
36. Turner
37. Nissan
38. Toyota
39. eBay
40. Amazon
41. Victoria’s Secret
42. Nutella
44. Disneyland
45. Audi
46. NHL
47. Red Bull
48. Verizon
49. Intel
50. Subway
51. Hewlett-Packard
52. Puma
53. Kia
54. Fox News
55. Porsche
56. Jeep
57. Dodge
58. Pandora
59. Walmart
60. Zappos
61. Suzuki
62. McDonald’s
63. Krystal
64. T-Mobile
65. Skittles
66. KFC
67. Volkswagen
68. NBC
69. Sprint
70. Pixar
71. Motorola
72. IKEA
73. Pepsi
74. Cisco
75. REI
76. LG
77. AT&T
78. Converse
79. The Gap
80. Chevrolet
81. Luis Vuitton
82. Toys”R”Us
83. H&M
84. Philips
85. General Motors
86. Pringles
87. Visa
88. Prada
89. Panasonic
90. IBM
91. VH1
92. Hulu (Hulu)
93. Oracle
94. Burberry
95. SEGA
96. Sears
97. Avon
98. Jet Blue
99. Lacoste
100. Comcast