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BBC intervista Daniel Ek di Spotify

Lunga intervista sul sito della BBC a Daniel Ek di Spotify.

Ecco qualche estratto:

What ratio do you need between premium subscribers and free users to be profitable?
For us, it’s not really about being a profitable business. For us, we want it to work for artists and labels out there, and composers.
Now it’s only about growing and growing and growing so that we can change the way the industry is going now, which is down, to an upward trend.

Why do UK users now need an invitation – are you victims of your own success and do you have to keep a hold on user numbers?
The most important reason is that we want to have a great consumer experience. We’ve had a phenomenal growth but at the same time streaming music over the internet at such vast numbers is not an easy task from an engineering standpoint.

Do you see the invite-only situation being temporary or could it be permanent?

I don’t think it will be a permanent solution


Altri dati dell’utenza di Spotify

gennaio 26, 2010 1 commento

Da HypeBot

* image from 250,000 paid subscribers
* At very roughly 10 euros each that $40-50,000 million
* That’s before revenue from ads, downloads, etc.
* 6 million free subscribers – a drain on the balance sheets for sure
* Ratio of paid to free subscribes 3.5 to 100
* Ration needed to pay the labels? 10 – 12 to 100

interessanti soprattutto gli ultimi due punti (in grassetto)

Spotify e Pandora in tutto il mondo

Due articoli più o meno sulla stessa riga.

Il primo ( si intitola “How To Try Spotify Immediately, No Matter Where You Live”

Il secondo (da GigaOm) parla di Pandora si intitola “Pandora: Now Playing Everywhere”

Themusicvoid: previsioni sul 2010 dell’industria musicale

Su themusicvoid giocano a fare Nostradamus sull’industria musicale del 2010. Ecco i dieci punti:

1. Labels Will Bounce Back
2. Facebook Music Will Partner With Lala
3. Spotify Will Drop Its Prices
4. Mobile Music Will Remain Sluggish
5. Live Nation+Ticketmaster = LiveMonster!
6. Spotify Will Purchase Songkick
7. Coca Cola Will Buy Your Local Music Bar
8. Marlborough Will Manage The Killers
9. ISPs Will Launch Music Services
10. Someone will do something really embarrassing and awkward with Michael Jackson’s Memory

Spotify da subito su Nexus One di Google??

Si sa, la sfida Apple vs Google in ambito dei cellulari è molto accesa. Da un lato l’approccio embedded di Apple, dall’altro l’open-source di Android/Google. Ognuno ha le sue idee e la sua preferenza, quel che è certo è che entrambi stanno portando grosse novità.

Il 7 Gennaio dovrebbe essere presentato il nuovo smartphone di Google chiamato Nexus One. Secondo TechCrunch (Qui la news), già al lancio potrebbe essere incluso all’interno Spotify, atteso ad uno sbarco in USA che potrebbe cambiare le sorti dell’intero mercato musicale statunitense, come ha fatto, in parte, in Svezia e UK.

Musica digitale & Marketing – previsioni per il 2010

Da Mediashift

* 2010 will be the year of analytics. Digital marketing and sales departments have been cobbling together metrics for years. Many things are trackable, but it’s often impossible to access the data or find the means to implement structured analysis. Platforms such as Next Big Sound, RockDex and BandMetrics are looking to fill this need. As APIs and data sources continue to open up, these services will get better and better.

* The conversation about an ISP tax for unlimited downloads will continue. The big players working to combat piracy will continue to focus on this.

* Spotify is still gearing up for a U.S. launch, but in light of imeem’s troubles, the ad-supported streaming model is under further scrutiny. There are fundamental differences in their ad structures, but ad-supported is ad-supported.

* I am curious to see where advertising goes on Twitter. The Huffington Post has one idea, trying to sell ads into feeds.



Come aver successo nell’ industria musicale digitale

Parla Daniel EK, il fondatore di Spotify, su Thisislondon